Colorado Mesa University and Sorter Construction present the Mucked Up Desert Challenge. Come test your endurance… and your mind in an obstacle filled 5k Mud Run. This bone crushing, skin peeling, mucked up course will take you to the brink of exhaustion, with Mother Nature throwing everything she has at you, Wind, Water, Earth…. and Fire!Register now

Proceeds from the M.U.D. Challenge go to benefit Colorado Mesa University’s Athletic Scholarship Fund, the Grand Junction Fire Department and those who have lost to Colorado Wild Fires. Participants will be able to test their survival skills against mother nature, and in the process, get a free T-Shirt and one free beer from Palisade Breweries Beer Garden for age eligible participants, with a reminder to drink responsibly.

Also, Palisade Breweries Beer Garden, Live Music, Food and Vendors. Different obstacles include: Mud Hill (Drought conditions warrant), tire run, hay bail climb, mud crawl (drought conditions warrant), balance beam, a cognitive test, fire pit, rope swing, spiders web, ice dip, etc.

 Watch a snapshot of the up coming Mucked Up Desert Challenge

ATHL_Cross Country_Mud Run_Poster_1314